Drottningholm Ockelbo

Drottningholm Ockelbo was created in collaboration with my friend and colleague Kerstin Mächs. Through five patterns we tell the lovestory about the swedish princess Victoria Bernadotte and her husband Daniel Westling. This project was made before their wedding that took place 19th of june 2010.

We used a dramaturgical model to divide the story into five parts. Under the headlines ‘The first meeting’, ‘Seperated worlds’, ‘Daniels new life’, ‘In the spotlight’ and ‘Into eternity’ the story follows from the couples first meeting in Daniels gym, through Daniels transformation from personal trainer to prince, all the way to their engagement and promises of a life lived in royal spirit.

  • Type Pattern, Illustration

The first meeting - Första mötet

Separate worlds - Skilda världar

Daniels new life - Daniels nya liv

In the spotlight - I rampljuset

Into eternity - In i evigheten