With Hand And Mind

This project originates from an idea to create a design classic, a product with long durability in a time characterized by a throw away state of mind.

I have analyzed the structure of woolen embroideries, their level of abstraction and personal expression and from my own conclusions created a guideline for my project and my design. I have chosen to tell three important stories about human exploitation and selfishness about the environment and assets of our planet.

Overfishing and Deforestation participated at Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2014.

The patterns are handprinted on 100% linen.

  • Type Graduation project, Pattern, Drawing, Screenprint

Utsnitt av mönstret: Overfishing - Överfiske

Overfishing - Överfiske

Utsnitt av mönstret: Greenhouse gases - Växthusgas

Greenhouse gases - Växthusgas

Utsnitt av mönstret: Deforestation - Avskogning

Deforestation - Avskogning